Claiming Energy Savings Certificates ('Eskis')'

If you have undertaken any energy saving activities and can evidence the savings achieved by demonstrating the difference between two NABERS Energy ratings, you can improve your rate of return on investment  by claiming Energy Savings Certificates (aka 'Eskis'). These are available in NSW though the Energy Savings Scheme. 

One Eski is equivalent to one tonne of abatement. Eskis are redeemable for cash based on the energy savings you've made, but must be claimed through an accredited certificate provider.

To find out how many Eskis your projects may be eligible for, go to the NABERS resource library and search by keyword "ESS" at the bottom of this page.  This will retrieve a file called 'ESS for Offices'. Download this simple spreadsheet and enter your NABERS data. The spreadsheet will look at the difference between your 'before' and 'after' NABERS ratings and calculate the number of Eskis you could create from the energy savings you've made.

Eskis are a tradable commodity and their value varies over time.  An accredited certificate provider   will advise you as to the current rate at point of enquiry. 


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Claiming Energy Savings Certificates ('Eskis')'

NSW businesses can improve the rate of return on investment for projects by claiming Energy Savings Certificates (aka 'Eskis') which are redeemable for cash based using NABERS ratings as evidence of savings.
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