Green procurement policy

Procurement policy and guideline documents set out the shared understanding of an organisation's approach to procurement.  It should include:

  • considerations about whole-of-life impact of products
  • guidance about the priority considerations relevant for the purchasing organisation, e.g. energy efficiency, water consumption, emissions during product use and disposal, air-miles, disposal/ take-back issues, and social impacts and benefits
  • guidance about the acceptable variation in price from a traditional product selection, e.g. is a 10% purchase premium acceptable for reduced operational cost?
  • the inclusion of relevant criteria in tender evaluation and documentation
  • a process for screening prospective suppliers for social and environmental compliance and commitment e.g. ISO14000
  •  an evaluation and monitoring protocol.


CitySwitch Quick Guide to Sustainable Procurement

The Australian Government has created a comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Procurement

The Australasian Procurement Construction Council has developed guides specific to six major procurement items. See more assistance and guides in the related resources section below.


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