Direct corporate purchase of renewable energy

The Renewable Energy Buyers Forum was formed by WWF to help Australian organisations easily purchase renewable energy as part of their electricity procurement and transition towards a zero carbon future. The WWF report Helping business - Pathways to purchase renewable energy shares its learnings. 

Below is an extract of the report's introduction. 

It’s over a year now since we founded the WWF Renewable Energy Buyers Forum. In that time we’ve hosted and met a large number of businesses, institutions and government players from a broad range of sectors. We have discovered business enthusiasm and demand for affordable renewable energy supplied from the grid. And we have found that Australia has a great number of approved renewable energy projects just awaiting a customer for their power to begin construction. 

Our Forum is working on removing the barriers between supply and demand and the early signs are encouraging. Having aggregated a significant level of demand from business and institutions, the Forum is now testing market supply and should have a formal tender process underway in the third quarter of 2016, and we expect other tenders to be developed soon afterwards in 2017. We hope to replicate and scale that process, developing a business renewables market. While overseas renewable offtake agreements are typically two-way, between a large business and a project developer, here we are attempting a demand aggregation model whereby we match demand from a group of businesses and institutions with a single renewables project. This way, even small business can take advantage of the price and terms that come from buying at scale, and lock in at least a portion of their supply at a known, low cost for a term much longer than traditional electricity supply agreements. 

We believe the business renewable market in Australia is poised for success. Will you join this growing group of forward-looking businesses, hedging your electricity costs and playing your role in the transformation of Australia’s electricity system? 

Ben Waters, Chair - Renewable Energy Buyers Forum


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