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  • CitySwitch Guide to Office Waste

    Establish the right recycling and waste management system for your workplace with this CitySwitch tool.

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  • Building the case for better waste outcomes

    This webinar will improve your understanding of waste and provide tips for a successful waste management plan.

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  • Fifth Estate ebook: Office Waste

    This ebook is a guide to the best thinking and resources around waste.

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  • Green ICT Challenge

    Get your game on and play our brand new CitySwitch green ICT challenge.

    Whether you work in IT or don't even know the difference between a laptop and a tablet, have fun while testing your knowledge and find out how you can take action to improve the performance of your office ICT and reduce operational costs. 

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  • Staff Engagement training webinars

    Two training webinars designed for CitySwitch signatories to help improve your understanding of the key influences of human behaviour and provide you with practical tips for implementing successful staff engagement programs are now available to view.

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  • LED Lighting article

    It could be as easy as LED.

    Improvements in technology over the last couple of years make complete LED fitouts a cost-effective solution. This article provides useful information and resources for LED lighting upgrades.

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  • Using Marginal Abatement Cost curves

    The Marginal Abatement Cost (MAC) curve is a useful visual tool to compare potential energy efficiency projects and prioritise them based on their economic feasibility and potential impact.

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  • How to work with BEEC ratings

    If your building has a poor BEEC rating, a lighting upgrade is likely to provide substantial gains and a better work environment.

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  • Why choose a high-performing building

    An indicative estimate of the financial benefits of high-performing buildings, in terms of electricity saved, reduced absenteeism, retention and productivity.

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Latest Case Studies

  • Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

    Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings
    This case study looks at how Frasers Property Australia are creating places that support healthier lives.

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  • Case study: KPMG Australia and sustainability

    This case study discusses how KPMG is embedding corporate sustainability in its organisation.

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  • Case study: HFM Asset Management

    This case study discusses HFM Asset Management and its desire to lead by example with efficient lighting, electric vehicles and energy monitoring.

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