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  • Undertaking a green office audit

    Auditing helps identify potential energy savings and can be done internally or externally. While your capacity to efficiency assessments will depend on resources and skill sets, CitySwitch provides templates and guidance to get started.

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  • Reporting on energy savings

    Reporting helps recognise the organisation’s achievements and identify the next areas of activity.

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  • Map of Green star rated properties

    When choosing your next office accommodation, check out an interactive map of the best performing properties under Green Star and NABERS.

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  • Certificate schemes for energy efficiency

    Victoria and NSW have certificate schemes in place that help fund and incentivise energy savings.

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  • Green grants for office tenants

    Grants are available from national, state and local governments for green office programs.

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  • End of life

    Disposing of old and un-used equipment is an opportunity to continue sustainable management practices.

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  • Resolution of office lease disputes

    With a green lease in place, a collaborative and cooperative approach is taken to dispute resolution.

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  • Undertaking an equipment audit

    Energy equipment audits identify areas for attention and action for savings. The scope can range from a simple walk-around checking what is left on after hours to an extensive review by an energy efficiency professional.

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  • Improving equipment performance

    There are a number of 'do it yourself' activities for saving energy from office equipment that can be undertaken before investing in upgrades.

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Latest Case Studies

  • Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

    Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings
    This case study looks at how Frasers Property Australia are creating places that support healthier lives.

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  • Case study: KPMG Australia and sustainability

    This case study discusses how KPMG is embedding corporate sustainability in its organisation.

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  • Case study: HFM Asset Management

    This case study discusses HFM Asset Management and its desire to lead by example with efficient lighting, electric vehicles and energy monitoring.

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