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  • Energy in Buildings: 50 Best Practice Initiatives

    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation's Energy in Buildings: 50 Best Practice Initiatives.

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  • CitySwitch Waste Assessment Tool

    Want to know the waste generation and recycling rates for your office? Use our CitySwitch waste assessment tool.

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  • Waste signage for your workplace

    Here's a suite of signage to help your workplace put materials in the correct bin.

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  • On-site renewable energy

    If your business has space for solar and is looking to reduce its energy bills then on-site renewable energy could be for you.

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  • Direct corporate purchase of renewable energy

    Find out about WWF's Renewable Energy Buyers Forum.

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  • GreenPower - affordable renewable energy

    GreenPower is where electricity is purchased on your behalf from a renewable energy generator. 

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  • Offset your carbon

    Carbon offsetting is an immediate and measurable way for your business to cut emissions.

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  • The Fifth Estate ebook: Renewable Energy

    In collaboration with CitySwitch, The Fifth Estate has released a free ebook about renewable energy.

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  • Renewables webinar: Clean up your energy

    Listen to this exclusive webinar and improve your understanding of renewables.

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Latest Case Studies

  • Case Study: Royal Automobile Club WA

    Case Study: Royal Automobile Club WA
    The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia was crowned 2012 & 2013 CitySwitch National Signatory of the Year. A clever Resource Energy Efficiency Plan and subsequent marginal cost curve helped prioritise smart investment in technology and active engagement of their employees.

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  • Case Study: Thomson Rossi

    Case Study: Thomson Rossi

    Adelaide architectural firm and CitySwitch award finalist, Thomson Rossi, share the steps they have taken to reduce office energy bills. Measures include harnessing natural light and air-flow and reducing the need for printing and photocopying by issuing all staff with iPads.

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  • Case Study: PWC

    Case Study: PWC

    PricewaterhouseCoopers' Darling Park offices in Sydney have undergone one of the largest energy efficiency upgrades to an operating tenancy. The introduction of automated zoned lighting which are only activated when staff are present, has slashed energy use by an impressive 29 per cent.

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