Energy Audit Standard Training

Tuesday 23 February 2016 – Sydney
Thursday 25 February 2016 – Melbourne

The Energy Efficiency Council is pleased to announce a new professional development and education opportunity for energy audit professionals.

About the standard

Accurate and consistent energy auditing is critical to the uptake and quality of energy efficiency projects as it is often used as the basis for business case justification, project design and as a baseline to measure post-upgrade savings.

In 2014, Standards Australia released the new standard for energy auditing: AS/NZS 3598:2014, which sets out minimum requirements for commissioning and conducting three prescribed types of audits that identify opportunities for cost effective investments to improve energy performance.

Unlike the previous standard, the new standard is actually a series of standards focused on particular economic sectors:

  • 3598.1 Energy audits – Commercial buildings
  • 3598.2 Energy audits – Industrial and related activities
  • 3598.3 Energy audits – Transport related activities

The new series of standards are a significant revision to the previous standard, AS/NZS 3598:2000. They are more rigorous, are outcomes-based and are focused on providing audit customers with actionable energy conservation measures.

About the training

Presented by the Energy Efficiency Council in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, this one day training program will give energy audit practitioners the skills and knowledge to deliver energy audits that meet with Australian Standard 3598:2014. Note that the content of the course relates to audit process rather than being an instruction on energy saving techniques and technologies.

The program is practical and hands-on, using workshops and group exercises to lead participants through the process of delivering a Standard compliant energy audit relating to:

  • 3598.1 Energy Audits - Commercial buildings
  • 3598.2 Energy Audits - Industrial and related activities

The training will be delivered by Dr Paul Bannister. Paul is one of the world's leading authorities in energy efficiency. Previously the Managing Director of leading specialist energy efficiency consultancy Exergy Australia, (acquired by Energy Action in 2014), Paul is now responsible for Energy Action's Projects & Advisory Services division.

Paul has played a central role in the development of major energy efficiency innovations, such as the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating Scheme (now renamed NABERS Energy). He is a founding member of the ABGR (now NABERS) Independent Energy Efficiency Design Review Panel and an author to over 100 publications in the field of energy use. 

Paul was awarded National Energy Efficiency Champion at the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2014.


Participants will leave the training with:

  • an understanding of what the new Standard does that the old one didn’t;
  • a broad awareness of energy audit basics;
  • an understanding of the different audit types defined in the Standard;
  • the ability to apply the energy audit parameters outlined in the Standard; and
  • knowledge on best practice energy audit reporting.


Includes training session, training materials, lunch and refreshments. 

 Standard Fee


 EEC Member


For more information and to register visit


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