What is CitySwitch?

What is CitySwitch?

CitySwitch helps office-based businesses to improve their energy and waste efficiency.

The program, which is free to join, is helping commercial office tenants around Australia to:

  • Enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs

  • Manage energy price increases and mitigate business risks

  • Work towards a carbon positive future

  • Reduce waste

  • Improve the health and productivity of employees.

When you join CitySwitch, you gain access to one-on-one support and a wide network of other companies also taking steps to improve their sustainability.











Alley Koster



Ally has been pivotal in getting Finder Green content live across the Finder website. Ally has been the technical driving force behind our Finder Green push with all the skills to publish pages on the internet and has an eye for design that has made everything look amazing.  

Amy Bradney-George



Amy is the editorial powerhouse behind Finder Green and has led the charge on our "Going Green" interview series as well as writing and improving a huge number of pages in the name of Finder Green. Without her, Finder Green would not exist today.

Kamisha Goburdhun

Steensen Varming


Kamisha has shown drive and a tenacity for sustainability outcomes. Kamisha has been able to cut through beauracracy and bring teams together to drive outcomes.

Kate Jermyn


Sustainability Manager

Kate has been working with the Department of Home Affairs for over 3 years and through her tenacity finally got them to sign up to CitySwitch and start pursuing sustainability projects.

Olivia Leal-Walker

Fraser Property

Sustainability Coodinator

Olivia has been nominated for her work with Fraser’s “A Different Way”. A Different Way is how Frasers talk about their vision for a more sustainable future. It has three core areas: progressive thinking, restoring resources and people focus.

Phil Ridler


Senior Business Development Manager

Phil has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from UNSW and is a past director of Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE). Additionally Phil has a Permaculture Design Certificate and teaches Permaculture part time at the Permaculture Sydney Institute. Phil has also undertaken consultancy in renewables, solar and batteries and a background in Energy Management, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability here in Australia, the UK and in the US.

The George Greenies

Designlogic Australia

Operations Manager

Our committee, The George Greenies, is a group of 15 volunteer staff who are passionate about sustainability. They work in their own time on sustainability activities in the workplace and actively promote sustainability to senior management to ensure sustainability is embedded in business practices. They are tenacious in their efforts and work hard to improve corporate responsibility.

Alex Sejournee




David Low

Knight Frank



Francis Stockwell




Kaushik Sridhar

Regis Aged Care



Melissa Cutler




Kelly Johnson

Uniting Communities



























Typically 80% of a city’s emissions come from its buildings. Half are generated by the use of base building services, the other half by tenant activity.

Esther Bailey, CitySwitch National Coordinator

The good news is that so many businesses are seeking the challenge and opportunity to become front runners in the shift to a low carbon economy.

Ross Gittins AM, SMH Economics Editor

Improving building energy efficiency by committing to targets and networking with other CitySwitch tenants and peers is the most effective and immediate way to achieve meaningful progress.

Norton Rose Australia, CitySwitch Signatory of the Year (NSW) 2011

The connections that we have made through our involvement in CitySwitch and the resources we have been able to utilise have made it possible to achieve what we have in sustainability.

Laim Henderson, Baptcare - CitySwitch Award winner in Victoria 2013

It has been an interesting, educational and commercial experience to be part of CitySwitch and we thank them for their dedication and constant support.

Baenziger Coles, CitySwitch Signatory, Victoria

CitySwitch Green Office is a tremendous sustainable energy initiative.

Peter Wyton, Managing Director AECOM NSW + ACT

Having a central contact point helps me keep up-to-date with the various local initiatives taking place around the country, so that I can follow up with our local people or attend events.

Dale O'Toole , National Sustainability Manager, Savills Australia

We are now building business opportunities using CitySwitch as a catalyst.

Amanda Steele, National Sustainability Manager CBRE

With the tools given to us by CitySwitch we were able to calculate the cost saving to our company by powering down and utilised this in our messages.

Priya Pathmanathan, Manager, Environmental, Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd


Currently 869 tenancies covering over 
3,844,258 sqm
have committed to CitySwitch

Latest news

Collaboration drives collective impact


By Kim Camrass, National CitySwitch Manager

Last week, we hosted an inspiring cross-sectoral event that brought together CitySwitch signatories and building owners with businesses creating new markets for what others call rubbish.

We heard about an office de-fit program that gives new life to furniture and office equipment, once destined for the dump, to Papua New Guinea’s most disadvantaged schools and hospitals.

We learnt about a zero-waste coffee company applying circular economy thinking to fertilise community gardens with waste coffee grounds.

We were inspired by Mates on the Move, a social enterprise that offers more than a removal and recycling service. By employing people leaving prison it also creates a lasting social impact.

Each of these projects, uncovered as part of our Beyond the Bin season program, encourages people to look at the materials leaving our orbit not as waste but as resources.

These projects also underscore the deeply interconnected social, environmental and economic value that we unlock when we rethink our approach to waste.

I’m passionate about the CitySwitch community and how collective action creates positive change.

The change we need will to tackle our trickiest problems – climate change and waste among them – will be led and delivered by people. We don’t need new technology to reimagine our resources. We already know how to turn soft plastics into road surfaces, bottle tops into eyewear, old suits into fresh opportunities. The solutions are out there –our challenge is to connect with them.

CitySwitch has developed a host of handy resources to help office tenants to think Beyond the Bin. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more inspiring solutions that expand recycling options beyond the obvious. Think coffee pods and batteries, e-waste and organics, soft plastics and furniture.

Change can seem slow at first, so start with one project or one material. Take the time to trial, test and tweak. Gain actionable insights, build replicable systems and, most importantly, create buy-in so you have the people power behind you as you scale your efforts.

We start an unstoppable ripple effect when we connect the right people together. This is why we are delighted that Esther Bailey will continue to drive change in her new role as NABERS’ national head of market development after nine years as the City of Sydney’s sustainability engagement manager.

My message is simple: you are not alone. Work with your building manager, reach out to your CitySwitch program manager, and share your challenges and learnings – because collaboration can and does drive collective impact.


CitySwitch Signatory of the Year and New Signatory Awards - category judging criteria

  • Delivering outcomes as demonstrated by an improved or maintained current NABERS Energy rating and achieved energy savings* (up to 28 points)
  • Implementing one or more energy saving initiatives (up to 10 points)
  • Demonstrating leadership by undertaking innovative, creative or progressive office energy efficiency activities (up to 10 points)
  • Engagement of staff/ customers/suppliers and/or stakeholders to educate and create market transformation (up to 10 points)
  • Participation in CitySwitch local program activities (up to 10 points).
Note, new Signatories submitting for New Signatory of the Year Award need only complete an indicative rating – all other submissions must be accredited.

CitySwitch Partnership of the Year Award - category judging criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Submitted projects should:

  • Involve more than one registered company 
  • Demonstrate that they are  innovative and over and above “business as usual”
  • Demonstrate that they catalyse “market transformation” and or “address a market barrier”
  • Deliver a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions within the built environment 

Judging Criteria

  • Delivering outcomes as demonstrated by an improved or maintained current NABERS Energy rating and achieved energy savings* (up to 14 points)
  • Implementing one or more energy saving initiatives (up to 10 points)
  • Demonstrating leadership by undertaking innovative, creative or progressive office energy efficiency activities (up to 17 points)
  • Engagement of staff/ customers/suppliers and/or stakeholders to educate and create market transformation (up to 17 points)
  • Participation in CitySwitch local program activities (up to 10 points)
  • The submitting entity MUST be a CitySwitch Signatory
Note, Signatories submitting for the Partnership of the Year Award may submit an accredited NABERS tenancy, whole building or base building rating.

It’s easy and free to join the program. Your good-will commitment to the program is an acknowledgement of the business sector’s role in
contributing to environmental sustainability and your intention to reduce your own energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

As part of this, Signatories to the program commit to achieve an accredited NABERS Energy tenancy rating (between 4 and 6 stars) and
work with CitySwitch to improve their tenancy’s environmental performance.

Find out more about how obtaining a NABERS Energy rating ensures you can benchmark your performance, better manage your progress
over time and promote your star rating achievement.