Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Procurement

Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is the process of reviewing the items and services that your office purchases and selecting ones with lower environmental impact.

Choosing sustainable accommodation

Choosing sustainable accommodation

In Sydney, accommodation and event venues are responsible for 21 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, 14 per cent of potable water consumption and 47 per cent of the city’s commercial waste and yet, the accommodation sector does not yet have an established culture of attaining ratings or third party sustainability certification.


End of life

Disposing of old and un-used equipment is an opportunity to continue sustainable management practices.

Supply chain management

Strategic procurement and green supply chains require understanding and prioritising the products that your company purchases by volume and value. 

Choosing green products

Deciding what criteria for selecting products or services will dictate the management systems and the level of sustainability required or desired by your organisation.


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