The Tenant & Landlords Guide to Happiness: ebook


This newly launched e-book explores opportunities for improved collaboration and sustainable outcomes between commercial tenants and landlords. Produced by The Fifth Estate in partnership with Sydney's Better Buildings Partnership, this overview to best practice and green leasing reveals a new chapter each month on the opportunities for an improved leasing process—from the onset of considering an office move, to selecting a new workspace and signing the leasing, to fitout design and finally ongoing management.

Download each ebook chapter here - a new topic area will be added monthly.

CHAPTER 1: Best practice leasing - getting to first base (July 2013)

CHAPTER 2: Best practice leasing - should I stay or should I go (August 2013)

CHAPTER 3: Best practice leasing - getting together (September 2013)

CHAPTER 4: Best practice leasing - getting the pre-nup right (October 2013)

CHAPTER 5: Best practice leasing - the model lease clause (December 2013)

CHAPTER 6: Best practise leasing - design and fitout (March 2014)

CHAPTER 7: Best practise leasing - material change (May 2014)

CHAPTER 8: Best practise leasing - keeping the magic alive (August 2014)

CHAPTER 9: Best practise leasing - perfect match (February 2015)


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