Become a Signatory

Become a Signatory


Get in touch with your program manager to understand how your business or organisation can benefit from CitySwitch.


A commitment letter is be signed by your businesses CEO/ Managing Director or authorised representative to join the program. Key details such as your office address(s) will be collected as well as a key contact.

As a minimum, you will need to commit to:

  • nominate a primary contact
  • measure your baseline emissions – scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • take part in CitySwitch annual reporting to celebrate our collective efforts


Nominate relevant actions under the pathway areas of focus for your organisation. We suggest you choose at least 1-2 focus areas for the year ahead as immediate focus areas.

Please note commitments are not legally binding but provide guidance and structure to measure progress.


Participate in the relevant CitySwitch campaigns for your immediate areas of focus.

Promote the net zero action plan to your staff, customers and suppliers and share your experiences with other CitySwitch Signatories.

There are three net zero campaigns run every year.


Complete annual reporting to review your performance against common key performance indicators. For instance, have you conducted a waste audit? How many waste streams do you have?

There is a key performance indicator for each action on the pathway. This will help you benchmark your progress year on year and get a sense of your achievements alongside those in the network.


The CitySwitch Annual Awards will recognise achievement in each pathway focus area across the national network of businesses. The Awards provide a great opportunity to understand best practice and share success and learnings.


Return to the planning phase and use the net zero pathway focus areas to map out your next priorities. Once an action is embedded in the business you can mark it off as an existing practice.

Net Zero Pathway with seven focus areas and sixteen action items