WWF-Australia's position statement on carbon offsets

WWF-Australia's position statement on carbon offsets

This paper highlights that properly designed and implemented carbon offsets reduce carbon pollution.

Offset your carbon

Offset your carbon

Carbon offsetting is an immediate and measurable way for your business to cut emissions.

The Fifth Estate ebook: Renewable Energy

The Fifth Estate ebook: Renewable Energy

In collaboration with CitySwitch, The Fifth Estate has released a free ebook about renewable energy.

Explainer: Carbon offsets and carbon neutral

Carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality have become powerful and credible choices for organisations that are looking to make considerable reductions in their carbon footprint.

Ray Wilson, CEO of Carbon Neutral, one of our CitySwitch signatories, helps to explain these terms and how to get started on the journey to being carbon neutral.

Energy Smart Finance

This equipment leasing program by Low Carbon Australian allows businesses to invest energy efficient technology to future-proof against rising energy costs while reducing carbon emissions. It is operated through accredited vendors.

Reporting on energy savings

Reporting helps recognise the organisation’s achievements and identify the next areas of activity.

The National Carbon Offset Standard

The National Carbon Offset Standard exists to ensure the environmental integrity of the carbon offsets and carbon neutral products available in the Australian voluntary market. It helps consumers to make informed choices and interpret carbon neutral claims.

Low Carbon Grown Plan for Australia

The Low Carbon Growth Plan by Climate Works uses marginal abatement cost curve to estimate of the realistic volume and costs of opportunities to reduce GHG emissions. It shows how all energy efficiency measures are the lowest cost options for business and the economy.

Planning for energy savings

Planning for energy savings

An Energy Action Plan identifies options for operational efficiencies and outlines your priorities and investment needs for a tenancy. The Plan spells out what to do to get more out of office equipment and technology, staff behaviours and base building.

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City of Perth extends NABERS Grant offer

CitySwitch City of Perth has extended their matching grant to help joining organisations meet the cost of a NABERS Energy assessment. The grant is 50 per cent of the assessment cost up to $1,000.

Flick the switch for Earth Hour

From its beginnings in Sydney, Earth Hour support has grown to 135 countries across the world. The simple act of turning off lights continues to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on climate change.

CitySwitch half-way there to office space target

The City of Sydney has extended funding for the successful CitySwitch Green Office office energy efficiency program for another three years as it reaches 10 per cent of commercial office space across the nation.


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Positive Power posters

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