Inspiring CitySwitch champions pave the way to a greener, brighter future

In May we revealed our CitySwitch champions for 2023.

For these businesses, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's become a way of life.

Having switched up our recognition program in the past year, this is our first cohort of champions since we introduced our net zero pathway.

These businesses were chosen based on the progress they made in 3 key areas of the pathway:

  1. Reduce your waste

  2. Get your team onboard

  3. Green your supply chain

Curious to learn how these companies stepped up to the plate and what they discovered along the way? Reach out to us and we’ll connect you for one-on-one discussions.

Reducing waste

Our champions demonstrated how little actions add up.

They’re conducting regular waste assessments and trying new actions to reduce their waste:

  • Single use plastics avoidance campaigns

  • Reusable cup programs

  • Paperless office

  • Food and organics waste collections

  • Container deposit scheme 

  • Encouraging waste champions to keep the momentum up

  • Overarching sustainable procurement policy to stop waste production.

Congratulations to our 2023 champions for doing the dirty work.

Our waste champions with North Sydney Mayor Zoe Baker

Getting your team on board

Getting your team on board with climate action is often one of the hardest tasks in the pathway to net zero.

Congratulations to our 2023 champions. These organisations have demonstrated an admirable commitment to inspiring, educating and empowering all employees to play their role in climate action.

Our 'get your team on board' champions in Sydney

Green your supply chain

Decarbonising your supply chain is critical to your business achieving net zero. For many organisations, the bulk of emissions footprint sits within their supply chain.

Congratulations to our 2023 champions for tackling this tricky area.

Our 'green your supply chain' champions with North Sydney Mayor Zoe Baker