Reporting and recognition

Each year we ask members to provide data on their energy use, actions, and achievements.

This is a mandatory requirement. Being accountable for your progress will help you achieve your net zero goal faster.

What you need to do

From 1 February 2024, there is a 4-week window to provide your data. All data must be submitted by 1 March 2024.

  • We recommend you read this guide before you begin.

  • If your business has 1 to 4 offices, complete this survey. Note, please prepare your data ahead of time. Unfortunately the functionality of the form does not allow you to save.

  • If your business has 5 or more offices, complete this spreadsheet. This should make it easier to copy and paste your data.

  • We only require 1 submission for each business. For example, if you’re a national organisation with multiple offices, you only need to provide 1 entry.

  • We want our reporting process to be as flexible as possible. We understand some businesses use the calendar year and others use the financial year. The data you provide us should represent a continuous 12-month period in the past 20 months. For example, from July 2022 to June 2023. We’ll report data collectively to represent typical annual usage patterns.

Why we ask for your data

  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We encourage businesses to benchmark and track their progress, share it internally, work to overcome setbacks and celebrate progress. Reporting also helps you compare your progress to others.

  • Our membership base is diverse. From 2024, some of our larger members are required to report under the proposed Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS). We expect this will soon flow through the economy to small and medium enterprises. It’s smart to familiarise yourself with your emissions and get on the front foot of these developments.

  • CitySwitch is supported by local councils. Your data helps inform council strategies and actions. It gives councils an understanding of how they can help businesses decarbonise.

  • Your feedback on the program is used to prioritise the development of new resources and events. We want to ensure the program is valuable.

CitySwitch Champions

We’re creating a new and improved way to recognise member achievements.

This year we'll recognise businesses who’ve exemplified best practice in the following focus areas:

  • Getting your team onboard

  • Reduce your waste

  • Greening your supply chain

A business that has completed all the below actions, for example under 'getting your team on board', will be in contention as a CitySwitch Champion.

How did you set up your team for success?

  • Run an internal working group for climate or sustainability

  • Educated new teams about organisational climate commitments

  • Provided regular communication on commitments, actions and opportunities to get involved

  • Empowered employees to act on climate in their day-to-day roles.

There's no need to provide a separate submission form. Your program manager will check your responses through the reporting survey or spreadsheet.

If your business has also been active in these areas – attended CitySwitch workshops, participated in case studies, or worked with a program manager – we’ll ask you to provide a short summary of your actions and outcomes and to provide relevant evidence.

There’s an unlimited number of awards – every business that has been selected will be recognised on our website and at our yearly showcase events across the country. Expect a lot of great stories and lessons to share.

Being recognised for your work will ensure your key employees are publicly rewarded and recognised, you’ll attract attention in the business community and enhance your corporate reputation.

Key dates

  • Thursday 1 February – information webinar

  • Thursday 1 February – reporting opens

  • Friday 1 March – reporting closes

  • Late April – collective program impacts announced and 2023 program report released

  • Late April and May – recognition events in Sydney / North Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

Got questions?

We'd love to help you. Get in touch with your local CitySwitch program manager.