Establish your baseline

Setting your baseline carbon footprint will help you understand where to focus your efforts. It’s an important step so you can measure and track your progress.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol  sets the standard to measure and manage emissions globally. Businesses aiming for net zero should attempt to cover all 3 scopes. 

  • Scope 1 : Emissions that occur as a direct result of an activity at a facility or by equipment owned or controlled by your business. For example, emissions produced by a manufacturing process, onsite gas or company owned vehicles. 

  • Scope 2 : Indirect emissions that occur in the process of generating the energy used by your business. For example, electricity. 

  • Scope 3 : Indirect emissions that occur because of activities in your supply chain that you don’t own or control. For example, waste or air travel. 

To ensure you adhere to the Greenhouse Gas Protocols, we recommend using an accredited carbon accountant to help you set your baseline and measure your progress over time. 

For most businesses, setting a baseline and net zero target is a voluntary action. If you’re going public with your commitment, we recommend getting certified by a recognised third-party. 

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol provides online training and capacity building, some sessions are free.

  1. Guide

    How to calculate your scope 1 and 2 emissions

    This guide covers scope 1 – direct emissions from owned or controlled sources, and scope 2 – indirect emissions from purchased electricity.

    Download PDF
  2. Guide

    How to calculate scope 3 emissions

    This guide covers scope 3 – indirect emissions from your upstream suppliers and downstream customer use.

    Download PDF
  3. Webinar

    Scope 1 and 2 emissions explained