Play a leadership role

Upskill and educate your team

Climate action and technology is an evolving space. It’s important to continue to upskill and educate your team. In Australia and globally, leading businesses need to respond to new information from climate scientists, government, investors, and other stakeholders. If you want to maintain a leadership position, having a well-informed team on board is key.

Mentor other businesses on their journey

If you’re well down your path to net zero, and have learnt a lot on the way, it’s important to share that knowledge with other businesses so they can get there too.

This is a really important step to help us avoid the catastrophic impact of climate change. A collaborative effort, sharing lessons and challenges, while navigating the road to net zero benefits everyone. For example, if large companies review their value chain emissions and educate and supports smaller suppliers to lower their carbon footprint, this has great benefits for everyone.

Become climate resilient

Becoming climate resilient offers businesses new opportunities and a chance to do things better. It means acknowledging climate change is happening now, and that we need to adapt and innovate to the changing conditions.

Building climate resilience means you need to review risks and plan so you can absorb any shocks and stresses. Climate risks can be of a direct physical nature, such as infrastructure damage caused by extreme weather. Or they can be of an indirect nature, such as new government regulations and policies that affect your business. Evolving investor and customer expectations due to climate change are also a risk.

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