Beyond the Bin - Partner list

Beyond the Bin - Partner list

A shortlist of reuse, repurpose and recycling providers to help you think beyond the bin.

Beyond the Bin social media creative

Beyond the Bin social media creative

We've made it easy to promote Beyond the Bin, with these facebook, instagram and linkedin social media files.

Beyond the Bin worksheet for tenants

Beyond the Bin worksheet for tenants

Download the Beyond the Bin worksheet for tenants.

Beyond the Bin worksheet for building managers

Beyond the Bin worksheet for building managers

Download the Beyond the Bin worksheet for building managers.

Beyond the Bin posters

Beyond the Bin posters

Download the Beyond the Bin posters for your office.



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Alley Koster



Ally has been pivotal in getting Finder Green content live across the Finder website. Ally has been the technical driving force behind our Finder Green push with all the skills to publish pages on the internet and has an eye for design that has made everything look amazing.  

Amy Bradney-George



Amy is the editorial powerhouse behind Finder Green and has led the charge on our "Going Green" interview series as well as writing and improving a huge number of pages in the name of Finder Green. Without her, Finder Green would not exist today.

Kamisha Goburdhun

Steensen Varming


Kamisha has shown drive and a tenacity for sustainability outcomes. Kamisha has been able to cut through beauracracy and bring teams together to drive outcomes.

Kate Jermyn


Sustainability Manager

Kate has been working with the Department of Home Affairs for over 3 years and through her tenacity finally got them to sign up to CitySwitch and start pursuing sustainability projects.

Olivia Leal-Walker

Fraser Property

Sustainability Coodinator

Olivia has been nominated for her work with Fraser’s “A Different Way”. A Different Way is how Frasers talk about their vision for a more sustainable future. It has three core areas: progressive thinking, restoring resources and people focus.

Phil Ridler


Senior Business Development Manager

Phil has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from UNSW and is a past director of Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE). Additionally Phil has a Permaculture Design Certificate and teaches Permaculture part time at the Permaculture Sydney Institute. Phil has also undertaken consultancy in renewables, solar and batteries and a background in Energy Management, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability here in Australia, the UK and in the US.

The George Greenies

Designlogic Australia

Operations Manager

Our committee, The George Greenies, is a group of 15 volunteer staff who are passionate about sustainability. They work in their own time on sustainability activities in the workplace and actively promote sustainability to senior management to ensure sustainability is embedded in business practices. They are tenacious in their efforts and work hard to improve corporate responsibility.

Alex Sejournee




David Low

Knight Frank



Francis Stockwell




Kaushik Sridhar

Regis Aged Care



Melissa Cutler




Kelly Johnson

Uniting Communities



























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