Data delivers when the heat is on

When the weather heats up so too do office temperatures. Brookfield Properties has turned to data analytics to keep customers cool this summer while reducing the load on the electricity grid during peak times.

“Like other building owners, we have a big program of works underway to manage and reduce our energy consumption, with peak demand being an element of our program,” says Brookfield Properties’ National Sustainability Manager Operations, Danny De Sousa.

Through BuildingsAlive, Brookfield Properties is using the latest data, technology and behavioural science to optimise energy, water and other resources across its Australian property portfolio.

“We worked with BuildingsAlive to build a module that can predict demand based on approaching weather conditions. For example, our building operator may see that Friday will be a particularly hot or humid day and therefore likely to exceed peak demand. We can then take action accordingly.”

Action may be as simple as turning off lights that aren’t essential, reaching out to tenants to ask them to lower blinds, or switching on air conditioning earlier than normal so the building can meet and maintain conditions as the temperature and humidity increases. Some buildings have recorded a 12 per cent reduction in total building demand from the previous year and a 27 per cent reduction when compared to 2016.

“We’ve been able to demonstrate that sometimes turning on the air conditioning for a couple of extra hours earlier in the day means we use less energy overall. The services don’t have to work so hard during the peak period. The data we have collected through BuildingsAlive proves this.”

Adjustments are made without compromising the building’s NABERS Indoor Environment rating or lease requirements.

Danny emphasises that data-driven insights uncover a myriad of opportunities to improve a building’s performance.

“Getting to big picture results is achieved when you focus on improving all of the component parts,” Danny says.

“We see a peak demand day as an engagement opportunity with our tenants. We can demonstrate we are being proactive in the way we manage the building – and that we’re not just looking at consumption, but their costs and comfort too.”

About Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties is a fully-integrated, global real estate services company, providing industry-leading portfolio management and development capabilities across the real estate investment strategies of Brookfield Asset Management — a global alternative asset manager with over $500 billion in assets under management.


Data delivers when the heat is on

Data delivers when the heat is on

Brookfield Properties has turned to data analytics to keep customers cool this summer

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