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Grants and Assistance Finder

Commonwealth and State/Territory government grant programs available to support the investigation and implementation of energy efficiency projects. Be sure to check eligibility requirements and funding guideslines, which can differ significantly across programs and jurisdictions.

Sustainability Victoria

Sustainability Victoria provides best practice guides and case studies on energy and materials efficiency, guides on how to carry out waste assessments, and tools to assess a business' current level of resource efficiency and map the life cycle of a product or service.

Sustainable Procurement Guide (Australian Government)

Guide for Australian Government purchasers to include sustainability considerations in all stages of the procurement process, from identifying the business need to disposing of goods. Commissioned by the Australian Government and developed by ECO-buy.

Energy Efficiency Training Program

This NSW Goverment program helps managers and staff to make business operations, products and services more energy efficient and less carbon intensive. Energy efficiency training resources are available for medium and small enterprises and commercial building design, construction an operation.