Slide Deck: Sustainable procurement fundamentals with ECO-Buy

CitySwitch held an interactive workshop for CitySwitch signatories in Melbourne, presented by experienced trainers EcoBuy as an introduction to sustainable procurement.

Workshop participants rated the training as being highly beneficial in providing them with tools and knowledge to implement actions in their work place to introduce and drive sustainable procurement practices.

ISIS Procurement Manager, Shane Morgan said “I was looking for how to embed sustainable solutions into procurement and now I feel as though I have a framework that I can take to our suppliers”.

The slide deck from the workshop available to download below includes:

  • What makes a product or service environmentally or socially preferable
  • Understanding the environmental and social impacts of goods and services throughout their life cycle
  • Deciphering eco-labels and green wash
  • Busting the ‘green products cost more’ myth
  • 10 steps to integrating sustainability into purchasing systems
  • Action planning and short, medium and long-term sustainable procurement goals.

CitySwitch is looking to expand the resources and information available to signatories around green procurement. Please contact your program manager to discuss any areas of green procurement that you would like to see developed as a resource or training opportunity and made available to signatories.


Slide Deck: Sustainable procurement fundamentals with ECO-Buy  Slides from the training presentation.

Sustainable Procurement Quick Guide (by CitySwitch)  A step-by-step guide for  CitySwitch signatories to introduce a sustainable procurement model into their organisation.



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