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Sustainable Procurement Guide (Australian Government)

Guide for Australian Government purchasers to include sustainability considerations in all stages of the procurement process, from identifying the business need to disposing of goods. Commissioned by the Australian Government and developed by ECO-buy.

A Guide to Green Maintainance and Operations

A guide to green maintainance and operations of a building, produced by "Stop Waste" in Alameda County, USA. Provides simply summary of common procurement items and guidance on purchasing strategies.

Good Environmental Choice Australia

This Australian certified green procurement database, produced by Good Environmental Choice Australia is a this free online resource that seeks to provide a comprehensive listing of everyday products used in the work or home.

Life Cycle Management

Multiple resources created by the The Sustainability Consortium, an organization of diverse global participants, aiming to  drive innovation to improve consumer product sustainability. The documents include the presentation 'Bridge to more sustainable products.'

Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

The Product Stewardship (Televisions and Computers) Regulations 2011 is the regulation to support national, industry-led recycling scheme for televisions and computers, by the Australian Government. This page hosts guides and information.

Environmental Procurement Policy

Victoria's environmental procurement policy declaration, strategies, and help guides.

South Australia Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

Sustainable procurement guidelines from the South Australian Government, produced by the State Procurement Board.

End of life

Disposing of old and un-used equipment is an opportunity to continue sustainable management practices.


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