BCO Guide to improving the environmental performance of offices

A new guide by the British Council for Offices released in March 2014 responds to the shift from metrics for potential resource efficiency to actual measures of performance.

The 33-page report describes a more "joined-up" process emerging for design, construction and operation wherein measured high performance is the target.

There is already a strong business case for energy management, shaped by increasingly stringent building regulations and disclosure requirements, higher market demand for more sustainable and high performing building, and the wider cities agenda. Leading companies are already shifting from simplistic design certifications to more sophisticated performance measures.


The case is emerging that staff engagement combined with improving the office environment can be reflected and measured in increased staff productivity, happier occupants, greater well-being and lower sick leave. When it comes to the bottom line, the BCO says a 1% improvement in productivity swamps utility costs, and may represent a saving of as much as £50 per square metre.

The guide provides:

  • methodologies for gathering data and benchmarking
  • occupant evaluations including popular survey tools, BUS Methodology and The Leesman Index
  • seven case studies of performance tracking and occupant satisfaction
  • websites and tools for further detailed information

The British Council for Offices was established in 1990, and is Britain's leading forum for the discussion and debate of issues affecting the office sector. Its members are involved in creating, acquiring or occupying office space, whether architects, lawyers, surveyors, financial institutions or public agencies.

Download the guide 

Guide to improving the environmental performance of offices on the British Council for Offices web site.


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