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Offset your carbon

Carbon offsetting can take you one step closer to net zero emissions. 

A carbon off set is a credit you can purchase and use against your greenhouse gas emissions. It is an immediate, measurable and cost effective way for your business to cut emissions. It’s also a way to invest in conservation and renewable energy projects.

Identify your office's emission sources, calculate your emissions, and purchase the right offsets with this CitySwitch factsheet.




Download the Carbon Offsetting factsheet.



Latest Case Studies

Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

This case study looks at how Frasers Property Australia are creating places that support healthier lives.

Case study: KPMG Australia and sustainability

This case study discusses how KPMG is embedding corporate sustainability in its organisation.

Case study: HFM Asset Management

This case study discusses HFM Asset Management and its desire to lead by example with efficient lighting, electric vehicles and energy monitoring.


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