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Planning for energy savings

Planning for energy savings

An Energy Action Plan identifies options for operational efficiencies and outlines your priorities and investment needs for a tenancy. The Plan spells out what to do to get more out of office equipment and technology, staff behaviours and base building.

Using a building management committee

Using a building management committee

Effective implementation of an Energy Action Plan is usually achieved through a building management committee.

Implementing an energy management plan

Implementing an energy management plan

Typically, a green lease is accompanied by an Energy Management Plan which provides a structure for the lease and instructs how it will be implemented for the duration of the tenancy.

Target environmental performance standards

Using known and trusted environmental performance standards as targets is a key element of a green lease

Overview energy efficient lighting

Lighting upgrades are amongst the easiest projects to undertake and can offer very rapid returns on investment. In many instances, immediate savings can be gained by making minor adjustments - you may see even greater returns by engaging a lighting professional.

Waste management overview

Any comprehensive sustainability action plan must address waste management.

Overview of financing for office upgrades

Many innovative financing models are available for sustainable office upgrades from grants, loans, leases and certificate schemes

Workplace policy for sustainability

A policy is the written embodiment of a company’s values. Sustainability considerations can and should be embedded to day-to-day operations.

Energy efficient equipment overview

Equipment efficiency can be improved by upgrading to new models, automation and behaviour change.


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Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

This case study looks at how Frasers Property Australia are creating places that support healthier lives.

Case study: KPMG Australia and sustainability

This case study discusses how KPMG is embedding corporate sustainability in its organisation.

Case study: HFM Asset Management

This case study discusses HFM Asset Management and its desire to lead by example with efficient lighting, electric vehicles and energy monitoring.


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