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Metering and tracking energy reduction

Metering and tracking energy reduction

Advanced metering technologies can provide more frequent and detailed information on tenant energy use.

Introduction to vertical communities

A vertical community is formed when a whole commercial building, with different tenants on different floors, work together to achieve common sustainability goals that improve the occupants’ overall experience of the building.
Indoor comfort and temperature set-points

Indoor comfort and temperature set-points

Adjusting the temperature set-point of the building to better match the weather can make significant energy savings and keep people comfortable

How tenants can influence heating and cooling

Tenants can support and improve their building manager's heating and cooling performance in a number of ways

HVAC overview

Understanding how heating and cooling contributes to electricity consumption helps tenants and building operators collaborate for efficiency.

Green office champions, campaigns & competitions

Green champions, switch-off campaigns and competitions are all ways to encourage green behaviour at work. They are all opportunities to communicate corporate values and create positive social outcomes.
Overview sustainable workplace behaviours

Overview sustainable workplace behaviours

Creating a corporate culture where staff feel empowered to take action is an essential part of any sustainability strategy. Engaging staff can take many forms. The term 'behaviour change' refers to all the workplace sustainability measures that rely on staff changing their habits, from switching off to recycling right.

Daylighting, de-lamping and optimisation

A number of strategies to improve lighting efficiency can be implemented alongside a technology upgrade.

Undertaking a lighting audit

By undertaking a lighting audit, you can assess usage, fixture quantity and quality and illumination and wattage levels. CitySwitch toolkits can help non-technical staff start the audit process in-house.

Latest Case Studies

Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

Case study: Frasers Property and healthy buildings

This case study looks at how Frasers Property Australia are creating places that support healthier lives.

Case study: KPMG Australia and sustainability

This case study discusses how KPMG is embedding corporate sustainability in its organisation.

Case study: HFM Asset Management

This case study discusses HFM Asset Management and its desire to lead by example with efficient lighting, electric vehicles and energy monitoring.


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