Staff Engagement training webinars

An exclusive two-part webinar series designed to help improve your understanding of the key influences of human behaviour and provide you with practical tips for implementing successful staff engagement programs.

These training sessions were designed specifically for CitySwitch signatories by award winning not-for-profit Australian environmental consulting and training provider Green Steps, from the Monash Sustainability Institute. These training sessions were originally provided as live webinars and have been recorded to make them available for signatories who were unable to participate or want a recap on the training.

Watch the sessions below and share them with your colleagues.

Webinar one
Staff engagement: two steps to create change

Before pressing print on your switch-off campaign posters or sending out details of your new staff competition, there are a few things you need to know about when it comes to human behavior that will help you design and implement the most effective staff engagement activities within your organisation.

This first webinar will give you insight into:

  • What influences the way we behave?
  • How to create the ‘ask’ when it comes to sustainability actions
  • How to talk to staff and understand their drivers
  • Engagement resources and tools to help get people on board.

Webinar two
Join the club: how to use green teams as an effective way to engage your staff

You’ve got the venue, the muffins are fresh and you have room full of engaged staff wanting to make a difference. So now what?

This webinar will give you an understanding of:

  • The sad but true story of green teams – from excitement to extinction
  • What gives a green team purpose?
  • What support does a green team need?
  • A green team is for life, not just Christmas! How to manage green teams over time.

This Activity r
eceived funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.


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