The Energy Saver Scheme enables the creation of tradable carbon abatement certificates to incentivise the installation of a range of emissions-reducing equipment. 

Projects must follow a set methodology and certificates can be verified and claimed by Accredited parties who manage projects - from start to finish - on behalf of building and business owners.

This scheme:

- contributes to project costs by providing a rebate on activities undertaken

- provides opportunity for an immediate rebate (deemed method) on simple projects or annualised rebates for more complex projects where a number of cumulative energy efficiency activities are undertaken (metered baseline)

- requires initial investment funds which are then partially rebated, either within three months of project acceptance to IPART (deemed method) or annually (metered baseline) dependent on methodology selected

- combines well with other finance options to improve the cost effectiveness of projects

Please note, vendors offering Energy Saver Scheme services are not limited to those outlined here on these CitySwitch resource pages. These companies are mearly a good starting point, and are organisations who were affiliated with our CitySwitch event in April 2012. When considering this scheme as a funding mechanism you can also refer to the official government Energy Saver Scheme website for a full listing of Accredited Service providers.

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