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Hints and tips for resource efficiency

EPA Victoria's  hints and tips to help improve the resource efficiency in your business. This 12-page document covers waste assessments, storage, conservation, waste reduction, risk management, information, systems, odour and emissions.

Waste Authority WA

The Waste Authority WA provides a wealth of resources and assistance for business owners and operators in WA, including the Australian Waste Database and e-waste disposal advice.

Bin Trim

Bin Trim is an excel tool that helps measure business waste and provides  a profile of your current waste and recycling, tailored action plan to reduce your waste, information to help you waste less and save more.

Love Food Hate Waste

This NSW Government program provides assistance to prevent food waste in commercial settings, including tips, case studies a food donation toolkit and resources for your staff and customers.

Mobile muster

It's estimated there are over 23 million unwanted mobiles in homes around Australia, and over 90% of the materials in the phone can be recycled. Mobile muster has been operating since 1998, recycling old mobiles to keep them out of landfill.

Oz Harvest

Oz Harvest rescues excess food and distributes it to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Hospitality and retail businesses can donate food and there is also a workplace giving program for this registered charity.

Do Something! Save Paper

Each year, Australians use over 1.5 million tonnes of printing and writing paper. Planet Ark has created a website providing practical steps to reduce office paper waste, recycle paper, buy recycled paper and go digital.

Planet Ark Business Recycling

This site lists recycling options for around 90 different materials, specifically for business including furniture and fitting, electrical equipment, food, lighting, cardboard, plastics and more.

Better Practice Waste Management and Recycling for Business

Created by NSW Government,  this guide contains useful information for tenants, property managers and waste and recycling contractors about waste avoidance, managing waste and recycling and reducing contamination in recyclables.

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