Instant Waste Management's discounted waste removal

Enter in to a three year contact with Instant Waste Management to manage and remove the end users' operational waste, and be eligible for a $1,000 (inclusive of GST) discount.

When requesting a fee proposal for a Waste Management Plan, contact Jake for details of how to claim the $1,000 (inclusive of GST) discount - or 0458 458 770

About Instant Waste Management

As a company that has been offering this design consultation service for many years in Western Australia, we have a detailed understanding of each different local government’s requirements during the planning stage, provide details on the collection systems available (both private and public sector), and we often develop a good relationship with the relevant waste or health officers from which approvals will be required as design approval, or State Administrational Tribunal.

Our common sense approach with the backing of industry tested systems & experience, allows us to offer a comprehensive consultation service followed up by a construction waste recycling system as the largest licenced processer of waste in WA. When the building is finished we can also collect the end users waste, offering liquid & recycling systems.

Terms and conditions

  • Only available on Instant Waste Management's standard contractual terms for the removal of waste from occupied buildings (end users operational waste), and if Instant Waste Management have offered the initial Waste Management Plan and been paid within 14 days for our consultation services during the design approval and application stage, prior to the building being built
  • On application, and discount only being offered for end users waste removal costs
  • Offer subject to recall
  • Offer dependent on availability